1. Thanks Ricky its like you saw in my front room and was reading my messages it was amazing how u said about picture being my fortune with the artist bringing me his work for me to sell for myself . you are amazing will definitely recommend you . Thank u xxx
    Lorraine, Aylesbury
  2. Thank you for your reading. It was very powerful. I am thinking about it a lot today. You was absolutely right about what going now in my life. I need to make some decisions.
    Olga, Northampton
  3. Omg I just want to say a massive thank you. I received a reading from Ricky today and I was blown away with his extremely special gift. The reading from Ricky was so meaningful and emotional,I felt so happy and confident after. Ricky has a kind and gentle soul and is very professional and genuine. I was so impressed, I will and have recommended. I send lots of love and blessings thank you Ricky xxx
    Kerry Ann, Northampton
  4. Ricky well done your reading was great and very challenging you certainly picked up on things going on with me and gave clear guidance nice snd clear and sincere and gentle. I certainly have some good times and challenges ahead. I send you every blessing Ricky you will go far much love andrew
    Andrew, Grimsby
  5. For my first time, I found it amazing and so spot on with many things
    Sam, Northampton
  6. Ricky was amazing and spot on, it was like he could read my mind. Happy I had the reading he is very good at what he does, very professional
    Michelle, Northampton
  7. Reading could not be more right in my life right now. I have made the cross over from negativity to positivity and I am open to positive change to cleanse my mind, body and soul
    Lindsey, Northampton
  8. Very accurate reading very pleased and now my path I need to follow feels confirmed. Very professional and great reading
    Lorraine, Northampton
  9. I have previously had a reading with Ricky and feel a lot of what he told me has happened. The reading today has confirmed I am following the correct path. Ricky is amazing and very professional very happy with both readings
    Amy, Northampton
  10. Lovely calming, reassuring, relaxing experience. I can strongly recommend a reading with Ricky
    Yvonne, Northampton
  11. Ricky was really clear it was such a lovely reading, I enjoyed it thoroughly
    Louise, Northampton
  12. Amazing reading, I was surprised how much Ricky picked up on I would definitely have another reading
    Helen, Northampton
  13. The cards were exactly where I am at the moment and what I have been working on myself for the future. It was spot on and only I know what I have been working on
    Mary, Northampton
  14. Felt very close to the spirit side of things and connected right away. Cards were spot on. For the Archangel Michael cards I picked 3 and read them myself, spot on then had card reading with Ricky was very interesting and past cards said it all. Now to work on a future, love n light God bless
    Carrie, Northampton
  15. Ricky is very empathetic and his predictions and advice made sense to me
    Hilary, Northampton
  16. I had a fantastic reading off Ricky things that nobody else would know he could tell me. Love n Light thank you God Bless
    Eva, Northampton
  17. Very good reading was very happy, told me what I need to know thank you
    Elaine, Northampton
  18. I had such a great reading from Ricky at UFO festival. He did it with his heart, all the words were coming straight from there. Extremely happy with the reading
    Armand, Northampton
  19. Very good reading spot on with things, positive reading
    Ros, Northampton
  20. Fantastic reading, made me feel as if my life was on track and here’s to a bright future
    Penny, Northampton
  21. A beautiful uplifting reading, felt a connection with Ricky and felt close to spirit blessings
    Angela, Northampton
  22. A good reading, Ricky has a lovely light energy and is welcoming. The next 12 months should be an interesting time both professionally and personally
    Michelle, Northampton
  23. Interesting and enlightening, very good
    Lynda, Northampton
  24. Very accurate and insightful reading that truly reflected the question asked, Thanks
    Jenny, Northampton
  25. Very Positive and beneficial reading left feeling very happy, calm and with information that will make a difference in my life.
    Kirsten, Northampton
  26. Amazing and spot on, thank you, see you soon
    Rebekah, Northampton
  27. What a lovely experience, so glad I did it! Thank you so much for my happy reading!
    Becky, Northampton
  28. Had a reading with Ricky and he was spot on with the reading, also gave me an insight to what direction I am heading, I knew what it was but by having this reading gave me great clarification. Would recommend him highly. Looking forward to using him again in the near future
    Vanessa, Northampton
  29. Absolutely amazing experience which was so accurate and very emotional! I love it and I can’t wait for the next time and it was everything and more than I expected
    Nicole, Northampton
  30. A very accurate reading and reassuring when going through a difficult time emotionally. Ricky made me feel very comfortable and able to show my emotions for a clearer reading
    Zoe, Northampton
  31. This was my 2nd reading with Ricky, this time at home. Very moving and very uplifting. I trust in what he bought me from spirit. Highly recommend this beautiful soul. Love and light
    Angie, Northampton
  32. A very positive and emotional reading, all very accurate, very deep and meaningful. Would definitely recommend
    Debs, Peterborough
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